“People were on short rations”. Koval told how Yanukovych was demoralizowa the army in favor of Russia

The armed forces of Ukraine at the beginning Russian aggression in fact, were not in a state of alert.

This was stated by former acting defense Minister Mikhail Koval during interrogation in the Obolon district court of Kyiv on the case of Yanukovych. He now holds the position of first Deputy Secretary of national security Council and defense of Ukraine.

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According to him, the only part of the APU was 117 units, of which 56 – 11 – partially finished, 50 – were not ready.

He stressed that from the Russian side was carried out pre-planned powerful inter-service operation, one part of which was the reduction potential of the APU.

Koval added that during the tenure of Viktor Yanukovych as President and Prime Minister were destroyed, the parts which stood on the Eastern borders, for example brigade in Artemovsk (Bakhmut now, ed.), Lugansk, Trehizbenka and other localities. He also noted that over the years has not in fact become the land of the military corps in the Crimea: the military were transferred to other cities or disbanded their connection.

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“The Supreme commander had no strategic doctrine command and staff. Under its auspices there have been no exercises with live firing on the brigade level. Did not know this APU to four years that the team has not passed to the aircraft at the proving grounds. On any Board I have not found the presence of the commander-in-chief in the defense Ministry. I will say that the sentiment against Victor Fedorovich (Yanukovych – ed.) in the army was very strong,” said Koval.

Former acting Minister of defence noted that the level dropped and military education, was destroyed infrastructure.

“In fact, the men were on short rations in the APU… Soldiers were given rations what bread can not be bought… It was not, what to wear (mobilized – ed): only one camo, scanty cap, nor shoes, there was nothing, no warm clothes,” he said.

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Koval added that the system was destroyed mobilization. Reservists trainings from 2010 to 2014 was conducted.

“So then we got the tragedy, when the sixth brigade disarmed the people of Girkin in Kramatorsk, because this company had three military personnel. All the rest were so-called reservists”, – he said.

Video surveillance court of treason Yanukovych surfaced new details of the annexation of Crimea and the shooting of protesters

Today, more than three hours interrogated the former Chairman of the SBU Valentin Nalyvaychenko, now, says ex-defense Minister Igor Tenyukh. They led law enforcement agencies immediately after the escape of Yanukovych. Nalyvaychenko said that the FSB worked under Yanukovych in the Crimea.

TSN. 16:45

7 Feb, 17:11

According to Koval, the military was suppressed.

“Smart went into business. The guys left to serve, which was not to go anywhere. A small wage.. lack of housing, a negative example of what happened with the “Berkut” and internal troops. It was abandoned and sold to commander structure. The army is all seen. It was the fear of the officers,” said Deputy Turchinov.

“When people Girkin shot under Slavonic SBU officers and killed alfovtsa, one of the companies 80 separate airmobile regiment of the thought – to shoot or not to shoot. People were not ready for it. Already lay the body of captain alfonza breathless, have them fired, and they have thought of…”- said Koval.

He also gave an example of a brigade under Elenovka, when “came the separatists, they have obratilis, vodka drank, and then they, like pigs, sorry, shot, the Kingdom of heaven”.

“The army was not ready. She was demoralized,” concluded Koval.

Video settings trial Chubarov Yanukovych described events in the Crimea

Crimean Tatar deputies and deputies “Party of regions” agreed to meet the morning of the 27th of February 14th of the year, but at dawn the head of Department of SBU of the Crimea, said Chubarov about the seizure of the Crimean Parliament by men in balaclavas with a large number of weapons. Refat Chubarov involves: who are these people, did not even know the future self-proclaimed Prime Minister of Crimea Aksenov.

TSN. 16:45

25 Jan, 17:05

Earlier, former head of the SBU Valentyn Nalyvaychenko said in court that the occupation of Crimea on 20 February by armed forces of the Russian Federation first of all, the military of the black sea fleet of the Russian Federation in the amount of 24 thousand people.

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