Grinevich sharply responded that in some regions teachers to “cut” salary increment

The Ministry of education and science began to receive complaints from the regions that the teachers do not pay a premium for prestige of salaries.

“In Mont began to receive reports that in some areas local authorities are abusing their powers and reduces the allowance for prestige, and in some places the teachers even asked for the quarantine to take leave for their own account. Obviously, this situation is absolutely unacceptable,” – noted in a Facebook Liliya Hrynevych.

She notes that “educational subventions for wages enough to pay money to the teachers. Since last year at the level of local budgets settled remains substantial educational subventions. We decided to support local authorities and allowed to use the money for logistics. Now the local authorities are saving on teachers to the maximum.”

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The Minister stressed that in the case of mass violations will cancel the relevant resolution.

“There is a solution, and it is quite easy. If this continues, we will amend the relevant resolution and not a penny from the remnants of educational subventions for logistical support to local authorities to spend more than you can. In places there are significant subsidies on logistical support from the state budget, a 10-fold increase in revenues to local budgets in the framework of decentralization. While saving on teachers is a separate kind of cynicism” – outraged Grinevich.

It does not exclude that “there may be objective circumstances, and in some places may not be enough. This was the case in previous years, and we routinely respond to such situations. Write a letter to mon and we will find a way to adjust. But to cut wages and to send teachers on forced vacation, to hold the money and use it for another purpose – this is something new”.

We will remind, recently the teachers of special schools and inclusive classes has appointed additional extra wages.

Videoline Grinevich talked about “New Ukrainian school”

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