The first cryptocurrency: the price of Bitcoin fell below 10 thousand dollars

The cost of the first cryptanalytic Bitcoin fell below 10 thousand dollars.

This is evidenced by data exchange CoinDesk, reports “Economic truth”.

According to the exchange, bdon fell below 10 million, its price is 9,907 USD.

Videoclipului Bitcoin reached a record high

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3 December 2017, 20:56

For example, as of the morning of February 2 one btton cost $ 8590 and continued to fall in price. A month ago btmon cost twice as much. Previously, economists have warned that bitcoin is a “bubble” that could burst at any moment. While their predictions come true. What will happen next year, economists do not predict. Researchers believe that the incredible growth of cryptanalytic 2013 in seven times is a result of artificial manipulation on the stock exchange.

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