Near the occupied Lugansk militants did not allow OSCE to monitor “gumkonvoєm” from Russia

The militants did not allow OSCE observers near the occupied Lugansk to trace behind the pillar of the so-called “Humanos”.

This is stated in the report of the OSCE.

“Near the village Novosvetlovka (beyond the control of the government of Ukraine, 16 km South-East of Luhansk) members of the patrol mission saw 10 white trucks with Russian license plates and the words “Humanitarian aid from Russian Federation” in the Russian language”, – said the observers.

Trucks coming from Russia, accompanied by 2 cars with plates militants “LC” and the inscription “Police”, 4 cars with an inscription “the Ministry of emergency situations of Russia,” ambulance with Russian license plates and 2 other vehicles with signs “LC”.

Videoparty this year’s “humanitarian convoy” from Russia are waiting for the militants in the Donbas

Bandits controlled media reported that nearly 300 tons of cargo, the Russian curators will deliver on the occupied territory tomorrow. This, they say, are food, medicine, and the mysterious so-called “trust goods”. These convoys are illegal.

TSN. 12:00

24 Jan, 12:35

“According to observations, the motorcade drove into the territory of the object on the street. Rudnev, 2A, Lugansk. Two armed men stopped a patrol mission to drive into the facility, explaining that the observers are not allowed on the site, since SMM “in advance have not agreed on” this issue”, – stated in the message of OSCE observers.

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The OSCE has recorded the worst day of fighting in the Donbas March 2017

Recall that Russia has deployed in the occupied Donbass, about 200 military. This was reported in the press center of staff ATO.

“In order not to lose control over the temporarily occupied part of the Donbass and illegal armed groups, recently the Kremlin curators sent an unusual humanitarian aid – about two hundred senior officers”, – is spoken in the message.

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