The task of the “nightmare”: the defenders Novoluganskogo told about the tactics of the militants on the arc Svetlodarsk

Fighters of a battalion “Donbass-Ukraine” showed reporters its leading position in the zone of hostilities in the Donbass. Now there is the Ukrainian military pesters enemy sniper, according to a story TSN.19:30.

“One-eyed” preys on fighters, when they move between their trenches. “They have a team of Dana – nightmare. They do not go forward, but always keep the tension, do not give sleep,” says a fighter named “Raccoon”. Sometimes fighters use something heavier than a sniper rifle, then the defenders of the country use a heavy machine gun. “Here is our “koshmariki”. When they start shooting, we with him a little – and all is terminated” – said the fighter nicknamed “Mose”.

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Novoluganskoe, which fired at the militants, provided the auxiliary power supply and heating

Behind the Ukrainian army is Novoluganskoe, where there is electricity, gas, hot water – a luxury by the standards of wartime. But artillery fire, which is almost every night booming on the outskirts of the city, reminds local residents that all the delights of a peaceful life can disappear at any time. The military insist that the enemy will not pass, but local can suffer primarily from their own negligence, because every day note dangerous territory, where falling artillery projectiles of the enemy. “And mine, can and unexploded ammunition. And people, you know, interesting, it is necessary to take in hand – and accidents happen,” – explained fighters.

The TSN reporter Dmitry Moroz

Videotransit military that day record the increasing attacks by militants

Directly on the military every night preparing for a possible artillery attacks. Behind the Ukrainian army continues in novoluhans’ke a normal peaceful life. The town has electricity, gas, hot water – a luxury in wartime. But the cannonade that every night the booming on the outskirts of the city, like reminds local residents that it can end at any time.

TSN. 19:30

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