Medical University Bogomolets announced an indefinite strike in the Ministry of health urged not to disrupt the learning

After students and employees of the National medical University named after A. Bogomolets announced an indefinite strike, the Ministry of health of Ukraine urged not to succumb to provocations and not to disrupt the educational process.

This is stated in the statement of the Ministry on the page in Facebook.

The MINISTRY of health of Ukraine urges to avoid disruption of academic process at NMU To the representatives of the Ministry of health of Ukraine…

Published by the Ministry of health of Ukraine on February 25, 2018

“To the representatives of the Ministry of health appeal concerned teachers and students of NMU reports that the leadership of the University makes students and scientific-pedagogical workers to start February 26, the so-called “indefinite University strike”, –stated in the message .

“Also extends obviously false information concerning the block MZ stipends and salaries in the NMU. Appeal to students and prepodavatelyam members of the University not to yield to provocations and manipulation of the leadership of the NMU and not to disrupt the educational process,” – noted in the Ministry.

Videouniversity Bogomolets caught in another scandal

The Ministry of health was suspended from the post of rector of National medical University Catherine Amos. The scandal erupted because of the license examination “KROK” for dentists, which was held today in all medical institutions, except the University named after O. O. Bogomolets. The Ministry blames the failure of the exam to the rector Catherine of Amoz, which may indicate corruption in the medical University. But, Yekaterina Amosova argues that the health Ministry does not allocate funds to pay for the testing from the budget.

TSN. 19:30

20 Feb, 21:02

“In accordance with the principles and practice of University autonomy, the University independently carries out the relevant payments from Treasury accounts. The procedure of transfer of funds is carried out by the accounts Department. The leadership of the University in the person of Vice-chancellors, has all the powers necessary for carrying out of payments”, – said in a statement.

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Students of the University Bogomolets blocked the entrance to the building to prevent the acting rector to work

“We stress the need for continued study and preparation for licensing integrated exams, because in accordance with the timetable scheduled for 27 March KROK 3 for interns”, – told in the Ministry of health.

“Ekaterina Amosova suspended from execution of office for the post of rector of NMU at the time of verification of the facts concerning the failure of the licensed integrated examination “KROK-1. Dentistry” for students of NMU. Designed to test the Commission is now considering the materials provided, the national medical University im. Bogomolets and Testing Center. However, the detached rectory systematically is not at the Commission meeting, despite the invitation,” according to the statement.

Recall that the strike requires the President to immediately intervene in the situation: “immediately establish a Commission to investigate the abuses of the leadership of the Ministry of health” and “for the period of investigation to discharge of duties of the Minister of health Ulyana Suprun and the discharge of his duties to his Vice.”

The ANNOUNCEMENT of the INDEFINITE STRIKE IN NMU named after O. O. BOGOMOLETS. Students and employees of NMU announced an indefinite hunger strike…

Published national medical University named after O. O. Bogomolets 25 Feb 2018

They also require from Ulyana Suprun to cancel the order on dismissal of the rector of Bogomolets national medical University Ekaterina Amosova and appointment of the acting rector of the University Mikhail Zakharash, as well as to ensure immediate implementation of integrated licensing exam КРОК1. Dentistry.

We will remind, on Tuesday, February 20, simultaneously in all medical institutions of Ukraine was initiated mandatory testing of future dentists. However, the students of NMU. Bogomolets to pass the exam failed. The University management explained that the representatives of the testing Center under the Ministry of health did not attend the exam.

From seacrew license exam the Ministry of health temporarily suspended from the duties of rector of NMU. Bogomolets Catherine of Amoz, and created a Commission to study the situation that has developed.

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