Krysin has not come to court: referred to health

A suspect in the murder of journalist Vyacheslav Veremiya Yuriy Krysin did not attend the court session for health reasons.

This was reported in the Facebook MP Mustafa Nayem.

“Logically, the examination is not sufficient grounds for failure to appear at the hearing. If the Rat does not appear serious illness, the court may make the decision on compulsory delivery to the court”, – Nayem wrote.

Videogaleria “titushok” Rat activists visited in the hospital with green and black ribbons

Rat poison, oranges with black ribbons, balloons and brilliant green. The priest, activists, participants of the ATO and the journalists came with gifts to visit the hospital Yuri Rat. Visitors gave him the Goodies and poured over the face with green paint. On the night of February 19, 2014 Krysin was a member of an armed attack on journalist Vyacheslav Jeremiah. Surveillance cameras recorded as Krysin finished a stick wounded.

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27 Feb, 00:22

On 22 December last year, the Shevchenkivskiy district court of the capital sentenced in the murder of journalist Vyacheslav Veremiya during the events of Euromaidan. The accused Yuri Rat found guilty, was sentenced to four years imprisonment with a probation period of two years and released. The verdict of the judge Oleg Linnik outraged people. He explained his decision by the fact that he could not “go beyond the charges”. “The charge was hooliganism and light bodily,” he said.

The Prosecutor General’s office has filed an appeal against the verdict of the court on probation for Yuri Rat.

February 26, activists, participants of the ATO in the Donbass called for the heart Institute Yuri Kusina, who was there on the survey in the children’s Department. He was brought to the hospital the poison balls, tangerines, and poured green paint.

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