“Gazprom” announced the cancellation of all contracts with Ukraine

Russian “Gazprom” proceeds to the dissolution of all previously concluded with Ukraine contracts.

This was stated by the Chairman of the Board of the company Alexey Miller, RBC.

According to him, it comes as a contact for the supply of gas to Ukrainian consumers, and the agreement on transit of gas to Europe.

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This decision “Gazprom” explained that the decision of the Stockholm arbitration violated the interests of the company.

“The arbitrators reasoned its decision by a sharp deterioration of the Ukrainian economy. We are categorically opposed to our account solved the economic problems of Ukraine. In such a situation, the continuation of contracts for Gazprom is uneconomic and unprofitable,” – said Miller.

Video”Gazprom” has reduced the pressure in the pipe for transit to Europe

Ukraine has officially warned the European Union: from Russia, he can remain without gas. “Gazprom” has returned to “Naftogaz” of money for the restoration of fuel supplies to Ukraine, but not in a hurry to pay a huge debt, to pay which the Ukrainians forced the Russians to the international arbitration. Gazprom to pay “Naftogaz” more than $ 2.5 billion.

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Recall, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine for a five-day introduced a national action plan to prevent crisis situations in the energy sector due to the actions of the Russian “Gazprom”. Russia has reduced by almost 20%, the pressure in the gas pipe, a territory of Ukraine delivers blue fuel to Europe. Also “Gazprom” has returned to “Naftogaz” of money for gas, supplies of which needs to restore on 1 March, after a two year hiatus. Also Russia still has not fulfilled the decision of the Stockholm arbitration, shall be paid to the Kiev of 2.56 billion dollars. Daily penalty is up to half a million dollars. The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine has officially informed the EU about the problems with the gas pressure in the pipe.

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