“Gazprom” has declared that will not stop the transit of gas through Ukraine “right now”

“Gazprom” will not in the near future to stop the transit of gas through Ukraine, despite the termination of all contracts with Kiev.

This was stated by the official representative of the Russian company Sergei Kupriyanov, reports RBC

Video”Gazprom” declared intention to terminate the contract with Ukraine

And on the transit of gas to Ukrainian pipelines in the EU. The head of “Gazprom” Alexei Miller said that the decision made in Russia because of the verdict of the Stockholm arbitration, which was ordered to pay “Naftogaz” $ 4.5 billion compensation.

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 19:56

“If that were so, we would have said directly,” said he, answering the question whether it is the start of the procedure of termination of the contract with “Naftogaz” in the Stockholm arbitration immediate termination of transit through Ukraine.

RBC source in “Gazprom export” it is also confirmed that the transit through Ukraine will continue, as for breach of contract must go through the legal process. “The judicial process takes time. We do not stop right now pumping gas through Ukraine”, — he said.

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“Naftogaz of Ukraine” will require compensation from “Gazprom” for the reduction of gas supplies

Recall Russian Gazprom refused to supply gas to Ukraine from March 1 and returned the paid money. According to the decision of the Stockholm arbitration, Ukraine has to buy every year in Russia (up to 2019, when the end of the contract) 4 billion cubic meters of gas (earlier it was 50 billion cubic meters). If Naftogaz buys gas, then automatically applies the formula of “take or pay” – that is, Kiev needs to pay even those amounts that have not bought. Therefore, “Naftogaz” and waited for the final decision of the arbitration, which was announced on 28 February to begin the compulsory purchase.

In “Naftogaz” noted that the refusal of Gazprom to supply gas automatically means that during 2018 to Ukraine will not be subject to “take or pay”.

Later “Gazprom” has declared that not only breaks with Ukraine all contracts for the supply of gas and its transit through Ukraine to Europe. Then “Gazprom” has declared that will not stop the transit of gas through Ukraine “right now”.

The Ukrainian authorities and the leadership of “Naftogaz” called ukraintsev zhostko to save gas for a few days. Where possible have switched to alternative fuels, forced vacations sent kindergartens, schools and universities. Ukrainian officials have constantly been assured that the situation is under control – just everything together it should be savings.

Later it became known that Ukraine have agreed on gas supplies with the Polish company PGNiG. In “Naftogaz” noted that already started to pump gas from Europe.

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