On the sea of Azov, the military showed up and drove the enemy dig, among fighters there are wounded

On the sea of Azov, the military showed up and drove the enemy dig, among fighters there are wounded


29 Mar, 02:27

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Later in the shootout broke the gun, so how the front brought the old cartridges.

On the southern front Ukrainian military spoiled the plans of the enemy dig, a movement which was met with fire. The militants of the results of the battle receded and took away several of their wounded, says the story TSN.19:30.

On the territory near the demarcation line, the army moved extremely carefully – step by step, because enemy saboteurs can unexpectedly undermine even well known trails. You need to follow not only for what’s underfoot, but to listen, do not fly anything at the top. “Before the ceasefire, tying the war. Can work from heavy artillery”, – shares his experience of a fighter with the call sign “Sword”.

Videoroliki continue to disrupt the cease-fire

The army caught the subversive group of the enemy. A fight ensued, the rebels retreated, taking the wounded. This is not the first outing at the forefront of the Azov sea: a month ago the enemy tried to get closer, but then dropped dead on the field of battle and ran away. That night, the militants tried to boast of mines and heavy machine guns, but received a decent response.

TSN. 19:30

March 28, 19:55

Through continuous tension the soldiers were sleeping a little, but hard, and the dreams, they say, are different – and about cars, and about the separatists, about their service. War made soldiers on the frontline one big family, because “zero” sister and father, friend, psychologist. “Come, sometimes it’s hard for him – he tells. Or joking, or listening to,” says the fighter with the pseudo “Hutsul”.

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To say there is something – in the eyes of journalists due to defective cartridges directly during the battle suddenly stopped our machine gun, because the cartridge is stuck in its trunk. These weapons are older than the fighters at least a quarter century. “Sometimes, the cartridges come in 1950-ies” – recognized by the military. They say that because of the harsh life and constant looking death in the eye in the unit were the most resistant to the patriots. They were not disappointed either in war or in friendship, nor in the officers. “There were already the backbone. Those who had doubts have already dropped out, there are no random people,” – says the fighter nicknamed “vuyko”.

The TSN reporter Ruslan Yarmolyuk

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