Savchenko refused to testify polygraph

Savchenko refused to testify polygraph

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5 April, 15:30

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Examination carried out only partially.

A woman suspected of preparing terrorist attack in the government quarter of the Deputy Nadezhda Savchenko was brought to forensic experts to use electronics to check whether she and her associates had planned to blow up Parliament, or only played to the camera Sbushnikov, correspondent reports TSN.

First, Savchenko has successfully passed the first stage – despite a two-week starvation, psychological and physical state experts granted. When it was the turn of questions, Savchenko gave back and refused to testify to the examiner. Her lawyer said – all due to the fact that you still have not received the materials of criminal proceedings.

Start the interrogation with a polygraph in fact, experts promise a few days.

Videoseven delivered to the test with a lie detector

The decision of the court on March 23, Savchenko was arrested for two months without the right of bail. Savchenko is charged with preparing a large-scale attack with the aim of the coup in the country. Now it was almost 2 hours is Institute of forensic science.

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April 5, 12:15

We will remind, on March 22 the Verkhovna Rada withdrew with Savchenko immunity and allowed to prosecute and to arrest.

Savchenko is accused of preparing a large-scale attack against the country’s leadership with the coup. Vote against Savchenko convinced the deputies of the 30-minute video. She, along with his accomplice Vladimir Ruban to the details of planning a terrorist attack with thousands of victims in Kiev.

Previously, the Shevchenkovsky district court of Kiev chose Savchenko measure of restraint in the form of two months in jail, and the MP went on a hunger strike. On 29 March the Kyiv court of Appeals upheld the decision of Shevchenkovsky regional court in respect of detention of people’s Deputy of Hope Savchenko.

By TSN correspondent Anton Strashko

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