Elite medicine. The MPs said that in some countries are treated and undergo detox

Elite medicine. The MPs said that in some countries are treated and undergo detox

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Domestic medicine elected officials mostly don’t trust.

MPs in no hurry to start a family of doctors in Ukraine, but spend on medical treatment abroad from 2 to 7 thousand euros, says the story TSN.19:30.

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The people’s Deputy Alexander Dubinin the hard family doctor shifted on his wife. And indeed said not really believe in it.

Deputy Ivan Miroshnichenko also admitted that his family has long held the insurance medicine. For two adults costs $ 1,200 per year.

Videodatarate told which countries choose to treat

From two to seven thousand euros spent by our elected officials over the course of treatment abroad. The TSN reporter learned, whether the deputies of his family doctor in Ukraine, and how expensive prices in foreign clinics.

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 20:48

The people’s Deputy Olga Bogomolets said that is tested in the clinic MIA on a paid basis.

In turn, Tetiana Ostrikova said that disaffected Ukrainian medicine.

“The incident that occurred with my child. He started to choke. Called the ambulance, at the hands of his made. Unfortunately, the car was very old. The doctor told me that I can not give oxygen, because the pipe froze and oxygen will not go”, – told Ostrava.

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Her colleague Olga Chervakova also did not mince words, criticizing domestic medicine.

“What is happening in our district hospital is a horror. When I got to the neurologist, I thought that he himself should be treated. He needs to treat people and not treat patients like cattle,” said Cermakova.

Tetiana Donets has also not selected a family doctor, however, admitted that he was given birth in Ukraine in the 7th state hospital.

“I don’t see any reason to go abroad. I was not treated, but I have a sick dad, and we consulted in Germany and Israel. And I was not happy! Everything you could miss in Germany robustelli,” says Donets.

Video”I didn’t Have time,” the MPs said, why put their property on wives

Almost every Ukrainian politician-men – the second half became a successful businessman and gets millions. TSN has decided to investigate the phenomenon of successful women MPs.

TSN. 19:30

10 APR, 20:16

But the MP pilgrim praised the Austrian medicine. “When I was in Austria in a medical facility, which caters to prisoners, I thought, “God, I wish the Ukrainian cancer patients would be in Austria in the conclusion because there the state provides the full treatment,” she said.

Bakhteyeva said that repeatedly visited the best European and American clinics.

“Trauma – sports injuries – there is a wonderful clinic in Munich and very strong cardiac surgery in Freiburg. There saw our greatest ex-officials”, – said the Deputy and gave another tip for the plastic and lifting it is better to go to Switzerland.

However, the prices of medical services abroad are also impressive. According to Alexander Dubinin, the operation on the bones of the face broken during skiing, it was worth in Austria 7 thousand euros.

Love the MPs and detox programs. So, Dubinin goes to drink the healing water in Italy. Ivan Miroshnichenko prefer Ayurveda in Germany – every race on 7-8 days costs him more than 2 thousand euros.

Anton Kisse admitted that once took a survey in Austria, but most of all he was struck by the score of 6 thousand euros.

By TSN correspondent Darya Happy

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