Kyivstar explained exactly how and why subscribers change rate plans

Kyivstar explained exactly how and why subscribers change rate plans



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Automatic transfer of subscribers to the new tariffs will take place on 1 may.

Since may 1,”Kyivstar” to change the tariff plans for individual contract customers. The mobile operator claims that the changes will affect only 0.3% of subscribers. They still have a week and a half to wait to choose a new tariff.

In “Kyivstar” has explained that the changes will affect only those subscribers who have an older tariff plans.

“They were designed many years ago and contain not as favorable to the subscriber as in the existing tariff plans: in terms of tariffs there is no unlimited for calls inside the Kyivstar network, there are no minutes for calls on numbers of other operators or less than the current rates; the number of megabytes of mobile Internet does not match the current needs of users”, – said in the explanation of the mobile operator, which has a Dnia.

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The company was convinced that “before implementing it analyzed the use of these services by subscribers and selected relevant packages so that they can best meet the needs of different groups. To all subscribers of the updated packages will now be available for unlimited calls inside the Kyivstar network will increase on average by 50% – the number of minutes for calls to other operators, active date-users will receive unlimited mobile Internet. Also, the subscribers can choose any other current offer. But if they do not make a choice until may 1, 2018, they will be offered pricing plans based on their consumption profile of services”.

Earlier it was reported that the rate of 180 UAH per month will automatically be credited to 275 UAH per month. Thus, the cost will rise by nearly 53%. In case of disagreement with the transfer, the client must choose a different rate from the new line, and if it is available cheaper, is to pay 30 UAH.

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