Omeljan promised to register births in the United States the daughter of the Ukrainian Embassy

Omeljan promised to register births in the United States the daughter of the Ukrainian Embassy



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The official was at the center of scandal because of the free delivery of his wife in new York.

The Minister of infrastructure Vladimir Omelian returned from the United States and commented on the scandal over the birth of his daughter in new York. Designer Svetlana Bevza gave birth to a politician-millionaire child who automatically have American citizenship, says the story TSN.19:30.

“All questions in respect of the conditions of stay, I posted on Facebook,” says the official on a question of journalists about how his wife managed to give birth for free in the United States. In social networks on personal matters for the last five days Omeljan wrote twice. For the first time on 20 April from new York on the birth of their daughter in the comments to it, someone welcomed the Minister, and someone was indignant. “For the second child is a US citizen. I guess I now know about the prospects of this country,” said one user. In response to the accusations Omeljan wrote a new post, which explained that in February his wife flew to new York for fashion week, but suddenly she was having health problems, the doctor told to go home and labor in America his family was not worth a penny. “We did not pay. Us clinic said that we have the opportunity to do so at the expense of free insurance,” he confirmed again to reporters.

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The head of the Ministry of Infrastructure returned to Ukraine and in the morning I attended the session of the government. Five days ago on Facebook Omeljan reported – by designer Svetlana Bewsey, a daughter. The next day, in response to criticism in the comments regarding the family’s decision to give birth in the States, Emelyan wrote another post – they say that in America, his wife turned casually back in February, where she became ill and the doctors forbade me to fly home, and for the birthing clinic in new York family didn’t pay a penny.

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The American expert in questions of migration, Stephen Box genuinely surprised at the incredible fortune of the family by the Minister, after all, to have in the US for free or by proving that you are below the poverty line, or just once to the hospital immediately. “I think they just came to the hospital without insurance, so the hospital given the internal politics signed the woman for Medicaid benefits. Because she’s about to give birth to a child and gives birth she is an American citizen. As for me, this story gives a nonsense”, – he said.

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Eligible for coverage of emergency medical care are a tourist or a guest of the country can have, only if you provide confirmation of the person’s income and place of residence in the state – says so on the official website of the mayor of new York. In Kiev lives a little Agatha who was born in Miami, and for that, four years ago, her parents flew halfway around the world. “The world is open for her more than for us,” say the parents. Mother of Agatha Natalia have used the services of intermediaries, left Ukraine two months before the birth on a tourist visa, officially signed an agreement with the American hospital, and two months after the delivery left the paperwork on the child. “Came out 40 thousand dollars accommodation, childbirth,” she says. Childbirth in the United States – a separate business segment in the travel company Olga, and the demand for it is considerable. Pregnant clients are sent to give birth in Miami, because in other cities more expensive. “The pack doctor plus clinic in Miami will cost somewhere in the 7.5-9 thousand. In new York, the figure will be somewhere in the 15-25”. – explains the expert. Birth insurance company Olga does not organize, because to obtain it legally is almost impossible, and the manipulation of documents can have serious consequences – deportation and a lifetime ban on entry.

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In their response to the scandal Omeljan via Facebook noted that soon they will register a daughter Anna in the Ukrainian Embassy. The official promised again to check whether his wife was entitled to a free delivery and don’t have the money to the hospital.

The TSN reporter Nellie Kowalski

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