May holidays. How much the tour will cost to rent a house in major cities

May holidays. How much the tour will cost to rent a house in major cities



Today, 11:56

In hotels is almost gone.

Today’s may day celebrations once again caused a stir on a trip to Ukraine. The railroad additionally run more than 20 trains in different directions. But overnight can be a problem. In Kiev, Odessa and Lviv in hotels free places is almost gone. Who did not book the apartment, now will look for overnight hostel or apartment.

This is stated in the plot program “snidanok z “1+1”.

Cheaper to rent a one bedroom apartment in Lviv – the price per night starts from 400 UAH. And in Kiev and Odessa offer housing for 600-700 UAH.

One bedroom apartment – great company – will be slightly more expensive than in Lviv – UAH 600-700 per night. In Kiev – UAH 800. And the most expensive two – in Odessa, the prices there start from 1.2 thousand UAH.

Of course, you can find cheaper. But renting budget accommodation, you will have to go to remote areas, or to smaller facilities.

If you do not need much personal space or comfort, for 200 UAH you can find a bed in a hostel. And such a lot of options in Central areas.

That housing did not spoil the holiday, is to carefully pick it up and not be lazy to read reviews from previous tenants. And must be booked in advance – to then not have to choose the worst.

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