Dream job: in Iceland opened a vacancy of a traveler with a salary of $ 4 thousand for a month

Dream job: in Iceland opened a vacancy of a traveler with a salary of $ 4 thousand for a month

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The same job and get his friend.

Budget airline Wow Air from Iceland is looking for two friends who would be travelling the world, filming would have about this video and wrote the blog. For this, each promise to pay 4 thousand dollars a month.

This writes the Business Insider.

The airline opened a vacancy on April 23, everyone who wants to get the job traveler must apply before may 14. Each applicant must write a two-minute video story about your hometown, upload it to YouTube and attach to the application. The winner will be announced may 18.

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The winners of the competition on June 1 will move to Iceland, will live in the apartment in the centre of the capital, Reykjavik. This space travellers will use as a base for their travels.

Travelers should carry out 12 trips to destinations served by the company Wow Air. Four journeys need to be made to Iceland.

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Your trip will need to document, make short movies and write budget tips for travel to create travel guides for destinations they visit. The content will include videos, gifs, pictures and blog posts will be posted in the section of the web site Wow Air called Travel Guide.

All costs for transportation and accommodation will be borne by the airline is separate from salary. The working traveler will continue until August 15.

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In addition to the winner of the competition will get the work and his friend. He also will receive the salary in 4 thousand dollars.


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