Militants “DNR” threatened to arrest OSCE observers

Militants “DNR” threatened to arrest OSCE observers

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The patrol was forced to comply with the requirements of the mercenaries.

Fighters of an illegal armed formation “DNR” threatened to arrest the observers of the OSCE monitoring mission.

The incident occurred on Saturday, April 28, near the occupied Horlivka, stated in the message of the mission.

OSCE observers went from government-controlled territory to the occupied. At a checkpoint near Gorlovka they were stopped by militants and started checking cars. They also demanded to open all the drawers with tools in both machines, “to ensure that SMM is not carrying weapons.”

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Observers explained that the militants their demands violate their freedom of movement, which the mission has in accordance with its mandate. In response, the mercenaries offered to fulfill their requirements, or to return to the territory controlled by Ukraine.

While the SMM patrol was waiting for instructions from their base, the militants said that in case of default of their requirements they will call a “special ops”, which will take observers to complete the survey content both cars. So the patrol was forced to accept the demands of the militants. After the observers showed the contents of the toolboxes, first aid kits and sleeping bags, they were able to return to its base in occupied Donetsk.

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We will remind, recently in the occupied territory of Luhansk oblast observers of the Special monitoring mission of the OSCE was threatened with dogs. The incident occurred at the railway station “Red Grave” in Voznesenovka 65 km South-East of Lugansk. Two men in dress military-type ordered the observers to leave the area, saying that the OSCE patrol “not allowed” to be there. One of these men said that the next time you pull on the observer watchdog.

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Shooting at civilian cars and doctors, and when we are response by the Armed forces of Ukraine, the cause of the OSCE. About this tactic of the enemy to tell our soldiers on the front line in sea of Azov. They say the gunmen brought to the trenches that children, journalists, and shoot from behind them.

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