The suspect in the attack on Nayem said that “nobody wanted a fight”

The suspect in the attack on Nayem said that “nobody wanted a fight”

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The Shevchenkovsky regional court of Kiev to elect the measure of restraint for three of the detainees.

Today, may 2, in the Shevchenko district court of Kyiv is considering a measure Saitou Mohammed detained for the incident with Deputy Mustafa Nayem.

As the correspondent of TSN, the court appointed the consideration of preventive measures three of the detainees while he is meeting one of them, as attorney and Prosecutor in the case – common for all three detainees.

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Prosecutor calls Magomed Saitova “instigator” of the conflict and requires a measure of restraint in form of detention for two months. He claims that the incident, in his opinion, not so serious.

“Everything is exaggerated, everything is glossed over. We didn’t do anything. What the Prosecutor says, this may not be true. Said I was too attacked, that’s not true… None of us there did not want a fight,” said Saito.

Videopanel attacking Moustapha Nayem declared wanted

In the network appeared the new video of the beating of the MP. The footage shows how on the road in the center of Kiev he was surrounded by five men and began to push and punch me in the face. Three participants in the beating were detained. Among them – two citizens of Russia. The people’s Deputy Anton Gerashchenko claims that a fourth striker made a run for the border.

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We will remind, the conflict occurred around 17:30 Monday, April 30, near the Bessarabsky market in downtown Kiev. Nye was moving by car in the direction of Bessarabska square. On the road it cut “Mercedes”, began to quarrel. At this moment they drove the BMW car. During the conflict one of the strangers punched the Deputy in the jaw. Criminals from a scene have disappeared. To search for car law enforcement officers entered the plan “Interception”. The three were detained. The man who hit MP Nayem, was declared wanted. Nayem was taken by ambulance to the hospital.

The TSN reporter Valeria Kovalinskaya

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