The pressure of sanctions on Russia should be strengthened – Walker

The pressure of sanctions on Russia should be strengthened – Walker

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Walker stressed that, despite the promotion of such projects as Nord stream-2 and other efforts, Russia is trying to divide Europe.

Special envoy of the US state Department on issues of negotiations on Ukraine Kurt Volker believes that the impact of Western sanctions on Russia can be assessed in different ways, but to change the behavior of the Russian Federation it is necessary to continually strengthen and do it synchronously with other countries.

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On the other hand, according to him, you notice how every day there is “a significant impact on Russia’s relations with the rest of the world”, and not only within the EU but also in a broader context.

Videocart Walker stated that the strike on Syria should not respond to the Donbass

The special representative of America on the issues of Ukraine, said that relations between Washington and Moscow is still very serious, but things in the middle East and in Ukraine – different thing. The diplomat said that although he sees the issue of Russian funding and military support of militants in the area ATO, but does not believe that the Kremlin is preparing a new offensive in the near future.

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