NBU puts into circulation silver coin “Digging potatoes”

NBU puts into circulation silver coin “Digging potatoes”

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The denomination of the coinage is 10 hryvnia.

On 22 may, the national Bank puts into circulation a collector’s coin “Digging potatoes”. Its nominal value is 10 UAH. Given that it is made of 925 silver weighing 31.1 grams, NBU sells one coin at 1027 UAH.

The national Bank said that the coin “is dedicated to opening artistic and imaginative manner of ironic naive images of Ukrainian archetype. It is well known that among the native values of Ukrainians – the earth is the nurse. Attraction and love to it, work on it for thousands of years unite man and woman, symbolizing the two figures in the shape of a heart”.

On the obverse of the coin a stylized image of the tree of life, the upper of which is mirrored (in the background), the lower the tuber against the background of mirrors – Golden (local gold). On the reverse to mirror the background of the stylized images of men and women who dig the potatoes. Their bodies form a heart of gold.

The total circulation of the coin – 4 thousand.

We will remind, the national Bank introduced into circulation new coins of 1 and 2 hryvnia.

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