Russians with chevrons “Somalia” came to Gorlovka

Russians with chevrons “Somalia” came to Gorlovka

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The war in the East

Yesterday, 21:15

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The assault group of terrorists tried to test the defenses of the APU.

Under active fire fighters for several days in a row is the frontline of the Russian Federation, where the shells are flying both day and night. On Saturday there was a ruined house, Sunday destruction is also increased, and on Monday at noon again several mortar came charges on residential areas, according to a story TSN.19:30.

A few hundred meters from the crash mines in the yard working Lyudmila. “Well, what? I see you there hiding, and I ducked. Well, I think that will work. The work to be done, and serostim here for the most ever,” explained the woman. Her roommate out on the street, not hiding his tears to run away from the explosions she physically can’t because barely moves, leaning on two sticks. “As given, and I fell to lay, no one raise even. The son refused, for ten years doesn’t know, hasn’t written or called even” – she said.

Videoroliki third day of shelling of civilians zaytsevo with heavy mortars

Last weekend hostile ACS destroyed in the village two houses, and today, as my own eyes have seen the film crew TSN, hit Zaitsev from heavy mortars. Shoot the invaders, saying the military is traditionally from the city centre occupied Gorlovka.

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 19:58

New explosions heard directly during the interview – salvation for all is becoming the basement Ludmila. This time a woman hides itself and hides all who were near. Fortunately, in this day, from enemy fire no one was hurt – mine fell on the gardens and the road, just shrapnel hit the house. The military said that the shells traditionally came from the very center of the occupied Horlivka. “Basically the work of the artillery in the evening, throw the village. There is still civilians and bombed, smashing their homes,” – said the soldier of the 24th brigade with the call sign “Colombian”.

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It is also not a day goes by that the village did not beat heavy machine guns. “Have, apparently, a separate assault group to provocations, because somewhere around eight comes out and starts heavy fire”, – the serviceman told Stepan. The separatist media have confirmed that in Gorlovka to fight against our soldiers brought to the so-called assault group of terrorists called “Somalia”. However, in social networks witnesses from the occupied areas wrote that with chevrons of fighters of “Somalia” at the position entered Russian military personnel.

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Ukrainian army treat this philosophically. “Somalia” “Somalia”. “Ghost” – “Ghost”. To meet all”, – said the “Colombian”. The aliens have already tried to “probe” the defense of the APU – smoke had been, and under cover of the veil went on the offensive. “Well, somewhere during the hours the battle lasted. We threw back,” – said Stepan. That the attack petered out, but the guys realize that the new assault of the invaders may begin at any time.

The TSN reporter Yevgeny Agarkov

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