In Kiev said about the new date overlap Shulyavska bridge

In Kiev said about the new date overlap Shulyavska bridge


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The movement can be stopped for a few months.

One interchange in the capital will be closed from mid-June. Victory Boulevard will have to cross at temporary intersections with traffic lights, according to a story TSN.19:30.

Shuliavska bridge is an important transport hub not only for Kiev, but also in the whole Ukraine. It combines the way to the airport Zhulyany, Kiev city centre on the road to Zhitomir, Lviv and Poland. Ideally, the interchange should skip to 13 thousand vehicles per hour, but in fact is rather narrow, which causes congestion. However, more importantly, a bridge for several years just falls apart.

Video settings the Kiev authorities refused to build a futuristic interchange at Benelux, which could facilitate the flow

From mid-June to the St. interchange in the capital closed. Victory Boulevard will have to cross at temporary intersections with traffic lights. To stop construction “blitzkrieg” could petition the people of Kiev in support of the action-Packed denouement engineer Viktor Petruk. But the road examined her and said that the place for such ideas is not enough.

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 20:34

Last year the town planning Board indicated to the public the outlines of a new Shulyavska bridge in the project of “Kievdormostproekt”. It was an ordinary leaf clover with all the congresses except one – there is no right turn from the street Dovzhenko in the outskirts of Kiev. “It’s not a minus interchange plus interchange. Urban interchange should not focus on all traffic, on the contrary – they need to stretch. If we distribute by road transport network, we reduce the load on interchange”, – said the author of the project Vladimir Vorobiev.

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He Shuliavska the bridge project is wider and has six lanes instead of the current four. “In this scheme to realistically expand. The absence here this right-hand rotation gives the opportunity of this Congress to do. In this scheme can be expanded, there are two runways,” – said Vorobyov.

However, the Shamrock is a space – on the site of two turns in the direction of the airport and to the city centre now is the 5th shop of the plant “Bolshevik”. Repair junction it will have to carry. But some residents oppose this and considers a more correct project engineer Viktor Petruk. This proposal has all the turns and does not provide for the demolition of the plant. “You have to hold the right side of the roadway, drive up to the stop line, skip the traffic that is moving at Svyatoshino at dorogozhychi, to go to the ring and, without changing lanes and nobody behind, to move towards the center. Will have to miss the traffic that goes out of the ring. Ring is a main road,” explained his idea by the author.

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But city hall decided that Shulyavska Piglet is too small for such maneuvers, and public transport there will just do nothing in case of implementation of the plan Petruk. From this idea was abandoned, so in mid-June will start to build a trefoil, and advanced shuliavska bridge can pass for new year – work I’d like to put in 9-10 months.

The TSN reporter Stanislav Feshchenko


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