Don’t fall victim to the tricks of the tour operator. 5 effective tips

Don’t fall victim to the tricks of the tour operator. 5 effective tips

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The biggest Scam is to play on the currency.

Ukrainian travel agencies have learned the tricks to make a customer money. The terms of the agreements are written in small scriptom. During the holidays there are the failuresthat occur of injury and other unpleasant things. TSN.Week ranked the largest financial traps from tour operators. If you know them, will save your nerves just save.

5th place. Expectations and reality

Whichever country you choose, you need to pay attention to several important things. First, prices are often listed in dollars. This is already a categorical fraud. And secondly, the hotel sold at a price of Suite, you might not get. But it will be in the worst accommodation. While compensation for frankly fewer stars get. Tour operator stripped from you for example $ 100 and promises to settle in superstar hotel, and the hotel offers a different price. Say, $ 20. If they agree among themselves – all need to stay happy. You in the rooms of the hotel with the tourists and the tour operator will profit. But things can go wrong. And then the disadvantage is the client. Witness the long list of unsettled tourists to hotels for which they are paid. To avoid this, you must immediately demand confirmation. And only after that to give money. However, this does not guarantee that your money will not dissolve like a Mirage in the desert.

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4th place. Tourist bankrupt

But worst of all, the chances of return of your own money can be miserable, because the firm had become bankrupt. According to the law, who wrote at the end of last century, if the tour operator is zero, the client can’t demand money from him. According to the President of the Ukrainian Association of travel agencies of Anton Rudich, existing laws do not protect tourists. Customers will receive nothing: the tour will not go, and not return the money.

Now in Ukraine there are approximately 3,000 tour operators, agencies and much more. Only 20% of them are honest, i.e. don’t hide their real financial status, say market players themselves.

The 3rd place. Tours with Russian tourists

“If the Agency starts with the discounts to speak – is a weak Agency. But more reliable than thoughtful operator, maloveroyatno that it will lower prices”, – said Anton Rudich.

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Discount is also a hidden sign of failure. Better ask the agent to pick up a decent rest on your amount. And do not chase the hot rounds. This summer is for Turkey, because there are already all occupied by the Russians. What the Russians are hungry for Turkish resorts – is immediately evident. They show the full power of spiritual braces, but it’s not just the discomfort from such a neighborhood. Many hotels are filled. And no matter how heated was not these tourists, Turkish hoteliers compete tough for Russian orders and easily prefer them, chiemi Ukrainians.

2nd place. Medical insurance

According to head of travel insurance Helena Dyachenko, a standard policy must cover outpatient care, emergency care, dental care and return home. There are also “gold” options.

You can offer one for 70 cents a day,another – for 1.4 euros. But both cover the treatment of 30 thousand euros. And here begins the extortion of money. One insurance can only be treated, for example, from a cold, the other only one. And if your diagnosis is not the same, then for the treatment you pay for yourself. And most importantly, if you jump in the pool or got in an accident, standard insurance does not cover. A complete package of insurance is, including assistance in an accident or alcohol poisoning. It will be much cheaper than you will pay for treatment abroad. Elena says that the call is an emergency in Europe costs from 1500 euros. Insurance will cost 500 hryvnia.

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1st place. Cheat currency

The tour operator has its own exchange rate, which differs from the official one. He’s a few points higher. The biggest trick is the price in dollars. Are you focusing on the amount of a thousand dollars six months to accumulate savings. But need to pay in local currency. Loss on foreign exchange difference – almost a thousand hryvnia.

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According to Anton Rudich, the tour operator has laid another course to consider the risk of buying at the exchange rate in the hotel rooms.
One public institution has no case to outright consumer fraud. Therefore, to affect this trick you will not be able. Ask at least show prices in UAH. To collect money for the vacation must also be in local currency. At least on the day of payment, you will not seek additional amounts to this journey in the end to redeem and relax.

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