Song Magomayev and swearing in the gym: what post in the social network, Oleg Lyashko in his wedding day

Song Magomayev and swearing in the gym: what post in the social network, Oleg Lyashko in his wedding day

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The Deputy was on the towel with his longstanding common-law wife.

The radical Oleg Lyashko signed with his common-law wife Rositas Sairanen. They spent 20 years together and even have a daughter together and decided to celebrate modestly and almost no guests, says the story TSN.19:30.

Morning for a groom began in a country estate with the singing of the song of Muslim Magomayev “Wedding”. Record your singing Lyashko himself posted on the Internet. The next video in social networks appeared a little later on it the MP in the t-shirt of Shakhtar Donetsk intensely tightened and squeezed, and after the rods are even mothers.

Videoreg Lyashko signed with his common-law wife Rositas Sairanen

Oleg Lyashko was on the towel. According to estimates couples, they lived together for 20 years and even have a daughter together. So celebrated modestly and with almost no guests. How it was – saw the correspondents of TSN.

TSN. 19:30

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The day started with the registration of marriage, to which came the people’s Deputy Andrey Lozovoy with a bouquet of flowers, Igor skuratovskiy, security, photographer, only up to ten guests. Mom Lyashko journalists have not noticed, but it was his daughter. The camera in the Department of registration of marriages is not allowed, but the journalists noticed that the health of young people present at the ceremony were drinking Italian sparkling wine on 500 hryvnias for a bottle. Comments regarding your wedding Lyashko promised to provide later.

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The couple went home in an armored SUV. A small motorcade of three cars drove to the country residence of the Lyashko – estate, which radical was acquired last year for 15 million. Celebrated the event in a narrow range.

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