Budget not fulfilled – the minimum wage will not increase. Danyluk told about the situation in the economy

Budget not fulfilled – the minimum wage will not increase. Danyluk told about the situation in the economy

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Ukraine must fulfill IMF conditions to receive the next tranche of the loan.

Raising the minimum wage this year, most likely, will not. Because of the fact there is no economic prerequisites.

In an interview with the “Economic truth,” said the Finance Minister Oleksandr danylyuk.

In the first quarter of 2018, the state budget revenues is not fulfilled at UAH 6.2 bn. In April, the situation has improved, but there is still a shortfall of the plan.

“In the first quarter, there were several factors, it is not always revealing. We are now looking for a way to stabilize the situation”, – said danyluk.

Earlier it was reported that the results of the first quarter, the government had to decide whether to raise this year’s minimum wage from UAH 3723 (January 1) to 4100 UAH. Possible revision moved for the second half, if there are positive trends in the first half of the year.

“No prerequisites”, – said danyluk on the preliminary results of the first half.

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To increase the minimum wage need at least 13 billion UAH.

“Increase “minimal salary” is the additional costs. We have computed several variants of how much it might cost. The increase of the minimal wage since April, would cost the state budget a minimum of 13 billion UAH. And this is the minimum amount that is needed only on the increase of the minimal wage — without taking into account the increase of the salary of the employee and consideration of the tariff of the unified tariff system. Given the increase in tariff category in relation to “minimal”, would need additional expenses for 2018 30 billion hryvnia. The first half ends in a month. Now we need to think about the anti-corruption court, and not to engage in populism,” – said the Minister.

The creation of an anti-corruption court and the establishment of market prices for gas for the population – the basic requirements of the International monetary Fund to allocate Ukraine the next tranche of the loan.

“The situation with the anti-corruption court is quite clear — or are we going in the right direction or not. Regarding gas prices, you also need to make a decision. And it’s a very difficult decision. We try to find a compromise. Now, however, a litmus test — the law on the anti-corruption court”, – said danyluk.

Earlier the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that he had set the task to reach the minimum salary in 4 thousand UAH to the end of the year.

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