The police have promised to respond harshly to the pogrom of the Roma camp in the Park goloseyevsky

The police have promised to respond harshly to the pogrom of the Roma camp in the Park goloseyevsky

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Militiamen opened criminal proceedings.

The police opened criminal proceedings due to the pogrom of the Roma camp in Goloseevsky Park of Kiev, the responsibility for which was assumed by “National teams”.

It is reported, the police Kiev.

Criminal proceedings opened under article “hooliganism” of the Criminal code of Ukraine. In proceedings militiamen promise to establish and bring to justice all active participants of this event.

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In the Wake of the pogroms of Roma camps in Ukraine saw the Russian track and geopolitics

“The police will strongly react to violations of law, regardless of which organizations are the violators. Nobody has the right to commit illegal acts to put pseudo ultimatums or for the sake of PR is significant to carry out pogroms against other citizens. In particular, in relation to ethnic minorities”, – stated in the message.

“Razdrogin” pogroms Tabr romw have Golovo in CIV. Pols have said, that at the time, if “Razdrogin” arrived. in Golovo, there is not Bulo of people vidtak nhto not Satriani, that no postradali

— Hromadske.UA (@HromadskeUA) June 7, 2018

We will remind, on June 6, representatives of the “National teams” dismantled a Roma camp in Goloseevsky Park of Kiev. In the photo, which they published on his page in Facebook, you can see how “razdrajenie” dismantled improvised dwellings using sledgehammers and axes. Later the photo was removed from Facebook.

Videobikini attacks of radicals on the Roma may be a policy or a distraction

Yesterday’s massacre in the Ternopil region was the third in a month. And last, fear human rights activists. Militiamen of radical, not punished too heavily for such actions, and this creates impunity. And shares themselves, I assume, may have a double bottom. Each of them can hide not ethnic conflict.

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