In Ukraine, more expensive alcoholic beverages

In Ukraine, more expensive alcoholic beverages

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On a separate beverage prices will rise by almost 20%.

Ukraine can raise minimum prices of vodka and LIKERO-vodka products 12.4 19.6 per cent, whiskey, rum and gin for 12%, cognac (brandy) – 6,6-9,5%, wine – by 4.5-13.5 percent.

This includes the draft regulation prepared by the Ministry of economic development and trade. This writes UNIAN.

The need to increase prices, the Ministry explained the increase in components of the price of alcohol due to the cost of components of production, such as alcohol, containers, and components. Base calculations, based on data on cost of production for the second half of 2017, including material, overhead, administrative and financial expenses of producers.

The Ministry also recalled that in 2018 the excise tax on brandy increased by 20% 105,80 126,96 UAH to UAH per liter of 100% alcohol.

We will remind, in August the Cabinet decided to increase the minimum wholesale release and retail prices on separate types of alcoholic beverages. In particular, the retail price of vodka and alcoholic beverages were increased by 14,00-19,41%; whiskey, rum and gin 6.5-6.6 per cent; cognac (brandy) – 12.3-29.1 per cent; wines with added alcohol, sparkling 7.1 to 13.3%.

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