The escalation near the Gold: the fighters tried to move towards positions of the Ukrainian military

The escalation near the Gold: the fighters tried to move towards positions of the Ukrainian military

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The military repulsed the attack.

On Saturday, June 16, the militants of illegal armed groups 13 times violated the ceasefire regime in the Donbas. Double attacks were carried out from Minsk agreements prohibited weapons. As a result of shelling none of the Ukrainian military was not injured.

This is stated in the summary of the press center of the headquarters operations of joint forces.

Close to Zolote in the Luhansk region fighters under the cover of mortar fire and infantry fighting vehicles tried to improve his tactical position. But the military return fire prevented the enemy moving toward their position.

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Ukraine has temporarily closed the checkpoint “Mallorcan” because of the actions of the militants

On the Donetsk region fighters fired at vicinities of the Town and Zaitsev. On the Mariupol direction the Russian occupation troops from rocket-propelled grenades and small arms fired at the Water and Shirokino.

Recall that in the last days, June 15 to 36 times militants violate ceasefire9 times used heavy weapons. Losses among our troops there. According to intelligence reports, one occupant was killed and one wounded.

Video”I Want us to intimidate”: the militants fired at the Water with heavy howitzers and mortars

The beginning of the world Cup, the militants said volleys of heavy howitzers and mortars. Beaten so long and so precisely that even the old-timers to the advanced, seasoned warriors, remembered 2014. After you hit the enemy artillery shells Water burned one hour. There are victims.

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