Intense fighting on two fronts and 27 terrorist attacks. How was the day in the Donbas

Intense fighting on two fronts and 27 terrorist attacks. How was the day in the Donbas

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The war in the East

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Casualties among the Ukrainians there.

In the past days the situation in the area of Operations of the combined forces remained challenging and controlled, intensely terrorists used weapons at the Lugansk and Mariupol direction. This is stated in the summary of Operations of the joint forces.

According to security officials, the Russian occupation troops 27 times violated the ceasefire. Eight times was used weapons banned by the Minsk agreements.

“The tense situation remains in the village of Novotoshkivske, Luhansk. Along with small arms and rocket-propelled grenades, the occupants opened fire from 122 mm artillery and 120 mm mortars”, – stated in the message.

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Published Operation joint forces / Joint Forces Operation on Friday, 22 June 2018

At the Donetsk direction terrorists used small arms and grenade launchers. Fighting low intensity were conducted in different parts of the front. So, close Verhnetoretskogo, Avdeevka, Luhansk and Zaytsevy the enemy opened fire from grenade launchers and heavy machine guns.

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In the Donbas, “the third force” destroyed the three commanders of the terrorists and some military vehicles

On the Mariupol direction in the areas of settlements Water and Gnutovo, the enemy began active combat operations around 18.00. Within hours, the terrorists beat from artillery 122-caliber. In addition, the positions of the joint Forces near Lebedinsky enemy opened fire from mortars of a caliber of 120 mm.

Near Mariupol Ukrainian military did not allow the occupants to improve their tactical position.

Within the current day the enemy twice opened fire on our defenders in the area Shelled with mortars 82-caliber, and twice fired at positions near Lebedinsky from grenade launchers and small arms.

During the last days of the losses of the Ukrainian security forces have not suffered.

Informed observers of the OSCE mission reported that despite the agreement, the militants in the occupied Donbas are not withdrawn from the contact line heavy weapons. In particular, in the South-West from Lugansk (district of Bugaevka) found 18 howitzers of various calibers. In the same area and close to Simanovci in Luhansk – 32 tanks of various modifications.

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