Beaten, choked, had his fingers in her mouth: Russian artist accused the militants of “DNR” in the torture

Beaten, choked, had his fingers in her mouth: Russian artist accused the militants of “DNR” in the torture


The war in the East

27 Jun, 03:09

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Nenasheva and her friend threatened to undermine mines.

Russian artist Catherine Nenashev said that the militants groups “DNI” tortured her and her boyfriend during their stay in the occupied Donetsk about a month ago.

About the survivors Nenashev wrote on his page on Facebook, but because of the many negative and insulting comments a post has become available for friends only.

In an interview with BBC Russian Katrin said that he had come to the occupied territory of Donetsk region, as part of her relatives – from Gorlovka. She wanted to visit his grandmother’s grave and see what happened to the grandparent’s house. Together with the artist in Donetsk went to her friend, who wished to remain anonymous.

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According to Nenasheva, they were detained in the center of Donetsk, “the police”, while they had a picture of her. At first they were taken to the office, where they began to ask about the purpose of the visit. The version of the relatives seemed to the insurgents is not convincing. Nenasheva and her friend put the bags on the head, loaded into a truck and taken away somewhere. During the trip they were constantly beaten and threatened to undermine mines one gunman, who called himself “officer.”

“In twenty minutes I was there two, three or four times through birth and death, because he is very much of a certain type of hell said pieces and blasting the mines, and about the dismemberment, and about the Taser, and beaten, too – not very much, but fine. And forbidden to speak in General, first, move, then say prohibited”, – told the artist.

The consequences of beatings.

The beatings continued at the new location a few hours, with Nanasawa and her friend were taken to different rooms. The artist says that the officer put to her head, chest, and face gun, and then he pulled out a gun.

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Over time, the action took Catherine into another room, where a table was set, “And this guy was cheerful the stuff, he made me eat chocolate I feel sick and it makes me have a chocolate. Or is there puts my fingers in her mouth such things”.

Then the artist asked, “Whose Crimea?” she said: “Crimea is now the territory of the Russian Federation”. The militants did not like the answer, it began to choke and beat my head against the wall, but the officer stopped his colleagues.

Nenashev said that her friend was beaten pretty badly. The militants also warned her that he was the agent of the SBU and was going to kill her in Donetsk.

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The next morning the artist and her friend were taken to the border with Russia and was released.

Videobite from the Crimea told about tortures by the Russian FSB

About the torture the FSB said a refugee from the occupied Peninsula – the Crimean Tatar Ibrahimjon Micochip. All men from the family of the Crimean mechanic half a day were mercilessly beaten and tortured with electric shocks, forcing him to incriminate himself and family, in cooperation with the group “Islamic state”.

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12 Jun, 20:10


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