Experts explain why increased prices for cereals

Experts explain why increased prices for cereals



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Most in the price of added wheat.

Ukraine has increased the price of cereals.

This is stated in the plot program “snidanok z “1+1”.

Most grew millet, nearly 3 UAH. Added to the price also pasta, barley grits, wheat flour, semolina and rice. Experts explain this growing demand for such products. After all, in search of cheaper products, the Ukrainians go to the cereals, which were not so popular.

But buckwheat, by contrast, fell by almost a quarter. And now she is not the most popular grains Ukrainians.

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Most grew wheat almost three hryvnia. Added to the price of macaroni, barley groats, wheat flour, semolina and rice.The first increase of pensions will Chernobyl victims and people with great working experience, but a small salary.Ukrzaliznytsya plans to upgrade 22 trains during the year.More on economic news and currency exchange rates in our review.

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