Japan “naked hermit” forced to return to civilization after 30 years of his life on a desert island

Japan “naked hermit” forced to return to civilization after 30 years of his life on a desert island

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June 26, 02:51

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He was forbidden to return to the island.

The Japanese government was forced to return to the civilization of the hermit, who for 29 years and lived naked on a desert island.

About it writes Daily Mail.

Masafumi, Nagasaki was the only inhabitant of the island, Sotobori area of little more than a square kilometer. He lived here in solitude since 1989, is one of the travelers found it in the “weak state” and called the police. The man was lodged in the state house 60 km from the city of Ishigaki and were forbidden to return to the island.


About the history Museum Nagasaki learned for the first time in 2012. He left the company, where he worked in the entertainment industry in the early nineties to settle on a small island, Sotobori where there is no running water. The remote location is located in the tropical area of Japan in the Prefecture of Okinawa, closer to Taiwan than to Tokyo. Currents around the island so dangerous that local fishermen rarely leave the network in the area.

Nagasaki sailed to the neighboring island to buy water and rice. The money he sent relatives. Water for bathing and shaving he was getting from the rain, she’s got the system beaten pots. In the first year of stay on the island a man’s clothes washed away by the Typhoon, and then he decided to go naked.


Masafumi Nagasaki, wanted, the island was a place where he would die: “Finding a place for the dying is an important matter, and I decided that this was the place for me. I had not thought how to die. Some do it in the hospital, someone at home, in the family circle. But to die here, surrounded by nature – isn’t that better?”



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