“I have a baby five minutes ago played here”: people near Gorlovka shocked by the powerful attack of fighters

“I have a baby five minutes ago played here”: people near Gorlovka shocked by the powerful attack of fighters


The war in the East

29 Jun, 02:32

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The shells of the invaders claimed several human lives, the situation remains tense.

Near the occupied Gorlovka, were killed two Ukrainian soldiers and two local residents injured by shrapnel. Through a powerful fighting hospital Turecka switched to enhanced mode, according to a story TSN.19:30.

“This is standby mode. Can do anything you want,” explained the doctors. Tatiana and Sergei brought the night before, both with shrapnel wounds. Near their yard in the village of Iron is only a kilometer from the newly liberated villages in southern exploded two mines. “The second blast – and don’t remember anything” – are recognized as victims. In the morning near their house worked observation mission Ukraine. “The shots were recorded from Gorlovka” – said her representative, Volodymyr Storozhenko.

Videodoes Ukrainian soldiers were killed near the occupied Horlivka

In the area occupied Gorlovka the enemy uses machine guns, artillery and mortars. There morning killed two Ukrainian soldiers and two civilians received shrapnel wounds.

TSN. 19:30

On 28 June, 20:00

Explosions have hit houses and fences, some after firing there is no light. The courtyard Ruslana also dropped mine and killed the dog. The owner is still in shock as his family. “I have a baby five minutes ago, played here, went into the house – and here it came,” said the man. People are still recovering from these events, as started a new gunfire – sounds of machine guns, mines and artillery projectiles. Some have learned to distinguish between deadly iron at the hearing. Medic Olga works as a paramedic on the carriage of an emergency, its substation is located just to the Iron. “Oh! That would be here now, it is well. Well, well” – she comments the arrival of the projectile.

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In the liberated southern woman injured in the shelling militants

In the afternoon it became known that in fights near Gorlovka, two Ukrainian soldiers got wounds, from which he diedbefore reaching the hospital.

The TSN reporter Mariana Buhan

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