In Kiev, got into the bus and disappeared 16-year-old boy

In Kiev, got into the bus and disappeared 16-year-old boy



June 27, 20:54

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At home he said he went to buy the book, but never returned.

In the capital looking for 16-year-old Sergei Andreyev. The young man was fond of foreign languages, had no bad habits and always reported where they’re going and when you return home, says the story TSN.19:30.

Mother Lyudmila with dad in the morning at the book market Petrivka, where his son just before he went to buy a textbook. “French, like for girls”, parents say. He wrote to my mother that sits in the bus and rides home, but never returned. Drivers the guy don’t recognize – a tall guy in a dark gray jacket, blue shirt and tie with dark jeans, with brown hair and glasses in a dark frame nobody remembered. “It’s hard to remember people. For travel passed, the focus on the road. There are people who are remembered, but not seen”, – explained the drivers.

Video settings the Kiev 16-year-old boy went to buy a book and never returned home

Eve did not return home 16-year-old Sergey Andreev. The guy wrote my mom that sits in the bus, and since then it nobody saw. Mother says, young man, fond of foreign languages, had no bad habits and always telling you where and when you go home, last year he had an attack of epilepsy.

TSN. 19:30

27 Jun, 19:46

One phone Sergey is turned off, the other does not respond to calls. Parents say that the police can’t track the signal of the ordinary push-button telephone, a smartphone that has a special application for tracking the movement, not working. Native explain that the so-picky son, because last year he had an epileptic seizure, therefore, in the case of repetition it is necessary to know exactly where he is. Parents have already called all of my friends and even found a girl who was allegedly with him on the book market, but the girl denies that meeting.

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Sergey is fluent in English, he graduated from the 10th class and even got a summer working as a Barista, was on probation, but managed to work for a day. At work I assure that everything was fine and it claims to have had. Law enforcement officers trying to track his phone and even recorded his movement through the city, and then in the hawthorn and Cherry, however, do not presume to say. And anyone who saw the young man, please immediately report to the police.

The correspondent TSN Alla Hotsyanovskaya

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