Poroshenko will contribute to BP changes to the Constitution regarding the membership in EU and NATO

Poroshenko will contribute to BP changes to the Constitution regarding the membership in EU and NATO

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June 28, 11:18

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The President also reported another change in the future

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that soon will submit to Parliament amendments to the Constitution on membership of the EU and NATO.

He stated today on the occasion of the Constitution Day of Ukraine near the monument to Pylyp Orlyk in Kiev.

“Soon I will be transferred to the draft amendments to the Constitution an amendment that will consolidate two of our strategic objectives, which are closely related to each other is Ukraine’s accession to the European Union and Ukraine’s accession to NATO”, – he stressed.

As previously stated Poroshenko, the rate for membership in the EU and NATO should be enshrined in the Constitution. The head of state noted that following the adoption by Parliament of the law on national security of Ukraine closer to NATO membership, and this will be showcased at the Alliance’s summit on July 11-12.

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Also Poroshenko said about another vote on changing the Constitution.

“The loss of the President of some powers and provides the draft changes to the Constitution in terms of decentralization. Is vaccination against federalization. But at the same time, the increase of responsibility. Unfortunately, the constitutional changes we have not had to spend, while decentralization is considered one of the most successful of our reforms that everyone can feel. These changes to the Constitution, voted in first reading and waiting for a second reading associated with the circumstances of the establishment of sustainable peace in the Donbas, resistance to Russian aggression – the de-occupation of Donbass”, – he stressed.

Videocontrol Ukraine was 22 years old

Today in 1996 – the deputies adopted the basic law. The process was not easy. On the document the deputies sat for almost a day. After a sleepless night – in the morning – they managed to take the Basic law. Since then, 28 June – a public holiday. This year the Constitution Day long weekend opens summer. Four days in a row – the government officially don’t work.

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