The social network stirred up live with 7 year old boy from Gorlovka, which boasts the murder of Ukrainians

The social network stirred up live with 7 year old boy from Gorlovka, which boasts the murder of Ukrainians

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The war in the East

28 Jun, 02:59

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The child says that “serving in the Navy.”

Social networks and some Russian and Ukrainian media has spread a video in which 7-year-old boy bragging about the murder of Ukrainians.

As reported video boy on his YouTube channel published the journalist Oksana Skoda. Ukrainian politician Viktor Medvedchuk and supporter of the separatists in the Donbas.

In the video a boy named Nikita in camouflage with stripe “DNR”, Balaklava and in the blue beret said that he was from Gorlovka and “serves in the Navy.” The boy says he has a gun and he helps “the tale of DNR” in the fighting.

“I have friends, co-workers, they have often came under fire and tell me who and where to shoot. I help them in firefights. They are with me every day. As a Ukrainian ran out, we take an RPG and it — mountain lions and all. He p..Bonk”, — said Nikita.

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The boy in the video added that would have shaken hands with his Ukrainian contemporaries, who are against the war. “If for the war — that would take his AK and a pumpkin be shot,” said Nikita.

Full video with the boy lasts more than six minutes, however, among Ukrainian users of social networks spread minute period where the child tells about his part in the shootings. In the full version of the video the author says that it was filmed in a children’s camp in the Rostov region.

On the YouTube channel Oksana Skoda as of the morning of June 28 video with Nikita not. However, on her page in Facebook there are photos from the camp in the Rostov region, where you can find a child in a camouflage and Balaclava video which is now being actively distributed in the Network. Besides, on the website “anti-Fascist” is reporting Oksana Skoda about the rest of “children of the DNI” in the Rostov region, which refers to Nikita from the video.


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