“Two BMP pressed”: the Ukrainian military said, as a revenge for the death of a sister under the Gorlovka

“Two BMP pressed”: the Ukrainian military said, as a revenge for the death of a sister under the Gorlovka

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The war in the East

30 Jun, 02:17

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Losses of the enemy in this battle was more.

Near the occupied Gorlovka, where the day before killed two Ukrainian soldiers, still do not cease firing. Intelligence reports that the militants in the battle suffered heavy losses, so we want revenge, says the story TSN.19:30.

The enemy is shooting at random from the heaps and provoke retaliatory fire. From time to time for this connects the heavy gauge. Shootings in this country happen all the time, they even do not pay attention, if they do not escalate into a fierce battle, as on Thursday, when the rebels were beaten in all guns, along with mortar fire and Artelecom worked sniper who killed two Ukrainian soldiers. “The first wounded platoon commander, he fell. And three seconds behind him fell and senior soldiers,” – said the acting commander of the battalion Bogdan GUDY.

Videoizle occupied Gorlovka does not cease shooting

There the day before killed two Ukrainian soldiers. Fighters in the battle suffered heavy losses – reported intelligence. Therefore, do not settle. How was the hottest day there in the story TSN.

TSN. 19:30

29 Jun, 20:07

First died Valery szyszak the soldiers called him by first name Casamerica. C 1990’s, he passed several armed conflicts on their own, Ukrainian war, was from the first day. A war he called “dumb” because the enemy is avoiding to engage in melee and from afar conceals artillery. Casamerica was 57, and he knew that the military is his. Two years ago, took classes at the officers, and there on exams troubled as a young soldier. Along with him were killed Andrey Volos, the senior soldier was only 22 years old. His house waiting for the parents and love.

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The situation in the Donbas: near Gorlovka continue fierce fighting, one soldier wounded

The military said they hit a target with one shot difficult, but when there are two hits in a row – this can only be done by a professional. For this treacherous sniper fire took revenge on the occupants of the Ukrainian fighters from all the surrounding positions. “Two infantry fighting vehicles crushed the enemy. We reassure them,” – said the soldier of the armed forces “Greek”. In that battle the enemy suffered significant losses – according to intelligence reports, 5 militants were killed and 8 were wounded. This is despite the fact that the Ukrainian military positions less advantageous than the enemy, because the insurgents well see fighters with heaps and controlling the approaches to the position. But this guys are not afraid, and unequal conditions are forced to be more vigilant and to fight with double zeal.

The TSN reporter Mariana Buhan

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