“Enough for an ostrich to hide our heads in the sand.” Klimkin urged to punish those responsible for the tourism collapse

“Enough for an ostrich to hide our heads in the sand.” Klimkin urged to punish those responsible for the tourism collapse

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2 July, 16:30

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The foreign Minister called for a thorough audit of travel companies.

The company, which hundreds of Ukrainian tourists stuck in airports abroad and in Ukraine must be brought to justice.

This was stated on his page in Facebook Minister of foreign Affairs Pavlo Klimkin.

“I think we need not just to sanitize the consequences of such outrages, and, finally, to pay attention to the reasons that cause them. The company, which resulted in the collapse of the tourist, must answer for it. A thorough and comprehensive audit of need to find out why they do not fulfill the conditions of the licenses and are generally able to comply with them. This is not someday, but right now. Enough for an ostrich to hide a head in sand”, – he stressed.

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In Tunisia, there remain more than 800 Ukrainian tourists — airline Bravo Airways

According to Klimkin, the Ukrainian consuls are doing everything possible to help hundreds of compatriots who due to the unfairness of the airlines and tour operators are trapped at airports in Tunisia, Egypt, Turkey, Albania and other resort countries, as well as a few days can not fly from Ukraine.

“The consular Department of the MFA, in preparation for the holiday season, which for the consuls always mean working hard, repeatedly drew attention to existing chronic problems. May 22, foreign Ministry held a special meeting with representatives of other involved organizations, which raised the question of possible risks. In response, the participants complained about the lack of power. First of all, authority to check your airlines and tour operators the conditions of the license. Unfortunately, there is reason to doubt that some of them perform, they are generally not capable and in pursuit of profits took the obviously unsupportable obligations”, – concluded the Minister.

Our consuls are doing everything in their power to help hundreds of compatriots, who out of bad faith…

Published Pavlo Klimkin on Monday, July 2, 2018.

Recall from Monastir airport in Tunisia a few days can not fly to Kharkov about 300 Ukrainian tourists. Passengers claim that the airline Bravo Airways and the tour operator-Oasis Travel, in the person of the host company Insight Holidays, do not fulfill their obligations for the return of citizens of Ukraine home.

Videopregnancy flights and overnight at the airport: passengers Bravo Airways are planning to go to court

More than a thousand Ukrainian airline customers stuck in airports around the world. They are all Bravo Airways passengers. People talk about overnight stays at airports and on flights that no warnings were sent without the passengers.

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July 2, 12:20

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