Groisman submitted to the Parliament a draft law criminalizing the smuggling. What you should know

Groisman submitted to the Parliament a draft law criminalizing the smuggling. What you should know

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3 Jul, 15:10

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The bill proposes that pre-trial investigation of smuggling of goods was carried out by Netpolice.

On Tuesday, July 3, the Verkhovna Rada registered a draft law “On amendments to the criminal and criminal procedural codes of Ukraine concerning the criminalization of smuggling of goods.”

According to information on the website of the Parliament, the initiator of the bill, Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman.

The bill proposes to amend article 201 of the Criminal code of Ukraine provide for criminal liability for the movement of goods across the customs border of Ukraine outside the customs control or with concealment from customs control, committed on a large scale (if the price is in five hundred or more times exceeds untaxed minimum income of more than 8,500 UAH).

In addition, the project proposes to Supplement article 201 of the Criminal code of Ukraine and to establish more severe penalties (term is not specified — ed.) for smuggling of goods, organised by the group or the smuggling of goods in large scale.

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The bill also proposes that the pre-trial investigation of smuggling of goods was carried out by investigative authorities the National police or investigative bodies which carry out control over observance of the tax legislation.

Now criminal liability is provided only for the smuggling of cultural values, poisonous, potent, explosive substances, radioactive materials, weapons or ammunition (except smoothbore hunting weapons or ammunition to it), parts of firearms, rifled weapons, as well as special technical means of secret obtaining information.

Videobrain no contraband. The Cabinet has submitted a plan of struggle against shadow schemes on the border

The government has submitted a plan, which begins the long fight against smuggling. Pressure is on officials who contribute to them. A key role in the implementation of this initiative lies with the Ministry of interior, the National police and the State fiscal service. According to experts, grey import is one of the biggest reputation risks for Ukraine. According to various estimates, the volume of shadow transactions in some sectors up to 80%. In other words, the state budget loses 100 billion.

TSN. 19:30

21 Jun, 19:57

We will note, within five months of 2018 State fiscal service was made 18,5 thousand of cases on violation of customs rules for total amount of almost UAH 1 billion.

“Today, the trend is towards an increase in the number of offences against customs violations, in connection with which the specified field of public relations requires extra solution, namely to establish criminal responsibility for the smuggling of goods”, — the authors of the bill.

Earlier the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov has announced that the Ministry of the interior and the national police will take over the fight against smuggling. The Minister also offered to return criminal liability for smuggling goods.

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Recall, the Cabinet of Ministers decided to introduce an experiment at customs: from June 21 to December 31, the police will be able round the clock to stay in the customs control areas with the State fiscal service is to detect violations of customs regulations.

Precedent to gain control of the customs was the incident on June 19 when in Bukovina border guards opened fire on peoplewho allegedly tried to disarm them. It happened in one of the villages. Faced on the trail of the smugglers, the military came to the yards, where they were prevented by local. The guards opened fire.

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Video contains obscene lexicon. In Chernivtsi region there was a clash between representatives of GNS and locals. The guards opened fire on the people who allegedly tried to disarm them. They say they have stumbled on smugglers


20 Jun, 14:08

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