Summer job in Ukraine: where and how much you can earn per season

Summer job in Ukraine: where and how much you can earn per season

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Typically recruiting for summer work comes in two stages.

Summer is not only a time when you can travel more, but also the opportunity to earn additional income for seasonal work. The labor market operates according to certain rules and has its own seasonal fluctuations. Summer employers, there is a need of closing the seasonal jobs, and job seekers have the opportunity to work in seasonal jobs.

TSN.ia tried to find out which jobs offer employers and how to pay different types of seasonal work.

Current vacancies

Typically recruiting for summer work comes in two stages.

The first stage begins in late winter and lasts through the spring. The main advantages of employment in this period — the opportunity to pre-negotiate with the employer all the conditions to find a job in the period after the end of the contract, or plan future employment, if it provides for selected position.

At the same time, the “second wave”, which starts around mid-summer, hunters earnings also have the opportunity to find work most of the seasonal industries of hospitality, retail, agricultural and construction sectors, the organization for beautification and landscaping.

Remain popular in seasonal employment workers in the fields of sales, where generally a high turnover is observed throughout the year.

“For example, popular seasonal jobs in the retail sector, there are those that can be seen in the Park is the water vendors, cotton candy, ice cream, baristas and the like,” — said in comments TSN.ia specialist of expert and analytical center of HeadHunter Ukraine Katerina, Krivoruchenko.

Traditionally seasonal employment is considered work in construction, however, thanks to modern technology, the builders can continue their work even in the winter. The demand for builders in the summer is still high, compared to other seasons.

The same situation is observed in the agricultural sector, where workers can continue working after the end of the season.

Enough high demand jobs of pickers of the fruit abroad. Wages for similar work in Ukraine is lower — for example, some employers offer 5 UAH. per kilo of strawberries collected. At the same time for the same job in Poland, you can obtain much higher profits — from 150 zł per day.

Note that in seasonal work in Ukraine also has advantages — for example, certain psychological factors, then that worker does not need a long time to break away from the family and the like.

How much can you earn

Earnings in the periodic employment varies depending on the scope and proposals of the employer. So, if, for example, for seasonal work arranged a chef with a rate of 300-500 UAH per day, in many cases, the employer may, at its expense, to provide housing or meals.

According to experts, cooks-rounders in the regions offer an average of 12 thousand UAH. gardeners – from 6 500 UAH. maids – from 6 500 UAH. rescuers – from 6 thousand UAH. managers of rental bikes – from 5 thousand UAH. promoters – from 4 thousand UAH.

Seasonal employment in the summer are offered in all areas — and the public sector is no exception. So, for example, “Ukrposhta” places ads a set of seasonal jobs operators and couriers with a salary of 6000 UAH.

Also in Ukraine, in the summer there is a great opportunity to earn money on holiday. For example, the seller of corn on the beach can earn 12 thousand UAH/month, the maid at the hotel – 7 thousand UAH/month, gatherer of the harvest of 10 thousand UAH/month.

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In summer, employers often offer internships for students who plan to seek employment in the specialty. So, if a student wants to gain experience or to decide he wants to continue to work by profession, jobs in the summer — a great opportunity to produce “pluses” for a summary.

At the same time, according to the results of a search query on the website the most well-paid seasonal jobs are positions abroad. For example, some foreign employers offer cost from 50 000 UAH. for a job as a maid, animator or handyman.

What to avoid

Usually the “cons” seasonal work I think:

  • usually heavy physical labor;
  • little time to rest due to high intensity;
  • the variability of the employer;
  • likely to fall for scams.

It should be remembered that the seasonal worker must sign a contract and so is entitled to all the social guarantees of the employee – sick leave, vacation, etc.

Note that before to conclude an agreement on temporary work should thoroughly review the document and make sure that the employer is willing to properly provide assurances on their part.

In turn, employers often face the problem of high turnover and are trying to solve this problem with the help of recruiting agencies.

“Seasonal work for low-skilled staff has a number of nuances — often long working hours, temporary clearance,” — said in comments TSN.ia recruiter company Smart Solutions Tamara Tamindarova.

As noted by the expert, sometimes workers get a job for 1-2 weeks to work same job abroad, only for a big salary.

“Sometimes it happens that employees lose motivation and refuse to work, sometimes just “disappear,” she added.

We will remind, earlier the Minister of social policy Andrei Reva said that abroad there are 3 million 200 thousand Ukrainians. At the same time, temporary migration, according to the Minister, is attended by up to 9 million Ukrainian citizens.

Video for summer: what seasonal jobs are popular among Ukrainians

Sellers of cotton candy, entertainers, construction workers, workers on berry and vegetable fields, and even the waiters, bartenders and even the lifeguards – seasonal work from may to September in Ukraine are in great demand. During this period employment be thousands of vacancies with an offer to earn extra money in the summer. They are willing to use students or those Ukrainians who strive to combine, say, a seaside holiday with the opportunity to improve the financial situation. What kind of seasonal work employers offer and how much can you earn over the three summer months – see “Sedanka”

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