Groisman announced a reboot of the civil service in Ukraine

Groisman announced a reboot of the civil service in Ukraine


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Changes will concern both Central and local authorities.

Reboot the system of public administration proposes to implement the Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman. This can be done in the framework of the reform, which is a condition for European integration, said in the story TSN.19:30.

The Prime Minister believes that now the first priority is to identify the areas of responsibility of each authority and its head, and only then can you start introducing systemic changes. Last have to eliminate the Soviet system of work of officials and to introduce at the state and local levels, new, modern.

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At the same time, Groisman warned that one day everything will change. “We first begin a large-scale reboot for the whole civil service in Ukraine. Despite the fact that institutional weakness is we feel. Despite the fact that people are not so positive attitude to the officer – it is necessary to give a new absolutely quality. It might have been reset”, – he said.

Videoreport of the public administration system will return the people’s confidence in government.

The reform of public administration, which is a prerequisite of European integration, started to implement systemic changes. The most important thing now, said the Prime Minister Groysman, to define the responsibilities of each authority and its leader. The Soviet system was dissolved, and a new one introduced and perfected at the same time. Changes will occur at both the state and local level. Prime Minister once said – wait, that’ll all change in a few days, not worth it.

TSN. 19:30

3 Jul, 20:26

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