Klitschko has called final date of the cost of travel in Kiev

Klitschko has called final date of the cost of travel in Kiev



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The mayor called it a “forced” action.

Vitali Klitschko said that the rise in price of journey in public transport will take place on July 14.

A single fare will cost 8 hryvnia, but for those who use the capital’s transport regularly, travel will cost on average UAH 6.50, says Klitschko. According to him it is still below the cost of travel. Also Klitschko said that the city authorities leaves a free passage for the beneficiaries.

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The mayor explained that such an unpopular decision must be taken to avoid transport crisis. “We have to make this difficult step. Despite political ratings and speculation, which around this question a lot. Because they have to be responsible and fair to say that otherwise we won’t avoid the crisis in the transport sector of the capital”, – said Vitaly Klitschko.

Earlier, Klitschko explained why in the capital soared fares. So, transportation in Kiev must work properly to be safe and comfortable, just repaired and updated.

Klitschko said that the price increase is due to the fact that the current cost of travel is much higher than the cost of the ticket. However, there is a need for the development and updates of transport in Kiev, and all of this costs significant money. In addition, lack of public transport drivers, because people don’t want to go to work for low wages and are forced to seek work abroad. Therefore, the Metropolitan government will increase the salaries of the drivers.

Videocassete transporters come to catch free riders in conjunction with the police

Eve grabbed a hundred and fifty. Pulled out all the fines – 80 hryvnia. The Kyivpastrans saying, thus killing two birds with one stone: the revenues slightly increased, and conductors are protected from aggressive passengers.

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