In Kiev 19-year-old boy died trying to climb onto the tank

In Kiev 19-year-old boy died trying to climb onto the tank



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The event took place at the railway station Darnitsa.

In Kiev, in the night of 6 July, 01:30 at the station Darnitsa killed 19-year-old boy. He tried to climb on the tank.

On it informs “Ukrzaliznytsia”.

In the opinion of the railroad, the man wanted to take a selfie on the tracks or encroaching on the property of the railway.

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On the capital metro man fell onto the tracks

From the beginning of the year injuries on the railroad received 301 people, including 174 fatalities. For the corresponding period in 2017 was injured 262 inhabitants, of whom 172 were killed. Among the injured – 18 children under the age of 16 years, 5 of them fatally. In 2017 injured 11 children, 5 of them died.

As a result of electric shock the beginning of the year, injured 19 people, 6 of them fatally. Among the injured 8 children under the age of 16 years, of which one child died.

Video settings Ukraine is growing every year “Zacharov” who receive disability for life

They climb on the train for a few selfies and for life remain disabled. In Kiev, doctors save 13-year-old schoolboy. He had climbed onto the roof of the train, and his body missed the tension in 27 thousand volt. Chance of returning to normal life after this no – doctors say. Why every year the number of victims of so-called “zacepina” only grows in the story TSN.

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