“It will mean in fact the collapse of everything”: Sytnik worried that “aquarium” scandal will end for Holodnitsky only a reprimand

“It will mean in fact the collapse of everything”: Sytnik worried that “aquarium” scandal will end for Holodnitsky only a reprimand



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The head of the NAB believes that such a decision would threaten the entire law enforcement system of Ukraine.

Disciplinary decision against the head of the Specialized anti-corruption Prosecutor Nazar Gorodnitskogo will be a landmark for the whole of the Prosecutor’s office. The Director of NABU Sytnyk said in an interview with UKRINFORM.

According to him, the disciplinary case against Gorodnitskogo has 53 pages, 52 of which are devoted to the factual material, which proves the validity of the complaint, and “the violations are grounds for dismissal.” At the same time, the final line of the document Sytnyk surprised. “The last half a page – as if someone else had inserted. There just trying to use some legal casuistry in the Law “On Prosecutor’s office”, allegedly it is impossible to apply the dismissal. In fact it is not. I hope that such an attempt of manipulation of rules of law will be a failure,” he said.

Videopregnancy and Sytnik reported in the Verkhovna Rada of the dissension between the departments

The head of NABOO not only admitted that he heard anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office of Nazar Golodnitsky, but also shared them with the members. “Bugs” that were in the aquarium, head to Sapa for a few weeks, fixed a lot of dirt.

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The head of the NAB promised to send the explanation to the complaint given this conclusion, the disciplinary Commission of prosecutors. “We hope that the MPC will make a legal decision. It is already possible to tell precisely that in the course of verification of the facts on which it was written, they were fully confirmed, and, therefore, these violations are grounds for dismissal,” – said Sytnik.

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Holodnitsky years blocked the top of the case to the NAB – Sytnik

The head of the Bureau noted that it is unknown the date of the meeting of the Board of prosecutors, the rule is that it should be held not earlier than ten days after the delivery of the withdrawal to the person in respect of whom the investigation is being conducted. To the question about the prospects of further joint work in the preservation Holodnenkim for the post of chief anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office Sytnik said: “first, there may be a landmark decision for the entire Prosecutor’s office. Confirmed that the man is putting pressure on witnesses, judges, prosecutors, inciting to perjury. If you say that it is normal for the Prosecutor, in the extreme case would be a reprimand, it will be a threat to the entire law enforcement system in General. Will mean in fact the collapse of the whole, because it is illegal actions which are a flagrant violation, which may entail criminal liability. When such developments will not save us neither the court nor something else”.

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