Owners of large apartments and houses have learned not to pay real estate taxes

Owners of large apartments and houses have learned not to pay real estate taxes



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Taxes must be paid before the end of summer.

Before July 1 of the State fiscal service had to send out tax notices to the owners of large areas of housing. Their recipients have two months to pay for everything. Otherwise, the penalty, the first penalty is 10% plus.

And the Ukrainians have figured out how to minimize the amount of tax or no pay. This is stated in the plot program “snidanok z “1+1”.

Family of Lyudmila lives in a large apartment over 120 square meters. My husband is constantly on business trips. Therefore, a woman most of the time spends with the children. It is important for them to have a lot of space. For him, and for overtime of 60 square meters, the state requires Ludmila tax. And it’s almost 1, 5 thousand UAH for a year. This year, such as Lyudmila in Ukraine – almost a million.

The tax must pay the owners of the apartments with an area of over 60 square meters and houses where the area exceeds 120 square meters. Each additional meter – taxed. How much is it to ask local councils to decide on their own. The legislation enabled local Parliament to determine how much it will be. The maximum limit of 1.5% of minimum salary for each square meter. In Kiev, for example, the tax is 0.75%. That is 0,75% of the minimum wage in 2017 is 24 hryvnia for each additional square meter.

If a property has an apartment with an area of over 300 square meters, you also need to pay an additional 25 thousand hryvnias a year. Because the state sure – if a person has such a big property, then he definitely has money.

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However, Ukrainians learned how to minimize the tax or does not pay. It is quite possible, if you issue the right of possession in square meters for each family member. If 100 meters is to be divided among wife and husband, it turns out 50 each. And tax no need to pay.

However, not everything is so simple and absolutely, said the lawyer. In the system of taxation of large real estate has its pitfalls. And a lot of them.

“There is, for example, people whose property has an apartment from the Soviet era in cooperative houses, or apartment, resulting in property in the 90-ies, they are not in the registry. Most of all – how to work our state? Did they how many meters belongs, in its internal registers, the State fiscal service is depends on it,” – said the lawyer.

And yet – the apartment can be registered to a person who has died. And when the heir to a long time unknown, the fiscal service may still send tax notice to name of someone from relatives. And for non-payment can even arrest the accounts.

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