Ski resort in Bulgaria and “forgotten” apartments in Russia: Ukrainian deputies told about their property abroad

Ski resort in Bulgaria and “forgotten” apartments in Russia: Ukrainian deputies told about their property abroad



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Housing of the Ukrainian policy are in many countries of the world.

Ukrainian MPs own property abroad, and some places are paying a lot of money. Geography of politicians spans several continents, according to a story TSN.19:30.

Kisse reluctantly, but said that he has a property in Bulgaria. “It’s not a house, it’s in the mountains a small complex in the ski resort of Bansko. I invested and square meters have,” he explained. However, I received a lot of 12 apartments, of which, according to the recognition of the Deputy, has remained only four. “Gave. Why son? Can and friend and friend” – he explained. The presence of such non-politician explained the love of the mountains. “I love to ski. And love to live by ourselves,” said Kisse, and added that other properties outside the country as yet.

Videossa, Monaco, UK: TSN explored the overseas property of Ukrainian politicians

10 thousand pounds, that is 350 thousand hryvnias monthly spends one of the deputies to rent apartments in London. The family lives in Monaco, one in USA and another in France. Dasha Happy researched foreign real estate politicians.

TSN. 19:30

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“No,” – answered the question about real estate “opublikovan” Boyko. However, immediately after a reminder has recognized that such property is in Russia. Why he does not consider Russia a foreign country, explained: “somehow did not think. Usually abroad comes to our Switzerland.” According to policy of the Russian Federation the apartment had one in it no one permanently lives, and he was in the country recently, at a meeting of graduates of the Institute.

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The family of MP Logoiskogo lives in France, and her mother, according to George, purchased an apartment there. The family of Deputy Andrey Ivanchuk lives in Monaco, and he frequently flies back to her daughter. And Eugene rybczynski lives in two countries, in the United States because his family lives on a large estate. Rosenblatt has apartments in two houses in Germany. “Worked in Germany, he was involved in business,” he explains and says that now the apartment no one lives.

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Categorically denied the presence of foreign housing Bogdan Dubnevich: “No, absolutely no no. Not been, and never can be!”. However the family of his younger brother such a property is. “In Riga the wife is co-owner of real estate. This room, which is rented. It’s not an apartment, not a mansion, but a small business project, that was realized by my wife, along with her daughter,” – said Yaroslav. Denied the existence of a Villa on 300 square meters in the UK Ruslan Demchak. “This is a misunderstanding, no real estate abroad. Actually really, my children are studying in the UK. And wife helps them, so we rent a house there, where lives my family,” he explained. And admitted that to rent a house worth 10 thousand pounds per month.

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Shufrych has assured that estates never took off, except that apartments in winter resorts. And Victor Romaniuk said that rented housing in France, Italy and Latvia. In the first two countries he lived for two years, the apartment cost up to 700 euros per month.

The TSN reporter Daria Happy

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