Kiev completes the construction of the monument to Ilya Muromets, which was created using a 3D printer

Kiev completes the construction of the monument to Ilya Muromets, which was created using a 3D printer

The construction of the monument to Ilya Muromets © facebook/Wtli Klitschko


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This technology has speeded up the work.

For the manufacture of a monument to Ilya Muromets in Kiev had used a 3D printer. This helped to speed up its creation.

This was announced by the mayor of the capital Vitali Klitschko.

“Nearing final work on construction of the sculpture of Ilya Muromets, which is soon present in the Park “Murom”. It will be a unique monument created by the most advanced technologies. His parts are cast in forms made using a 3D printer,” wrote Klitschko.

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According to him, the monument will be unique, because the sculpture is large in size with a 3D printer in Ukraine have not yet done. This technology sculptor Vladimir Zhuravel invented to speed up manufacturing process, which could take years.


Friends! Ablauts to fnalu schedule s vigotovlennya sculpture Ll Muromtsa, Yak vzhe nezabarom prezentam in the Park “Muromachi”. TSE bude uncanny pamyatnik, in for neizuchennyi technology. Yogo Chastain, valiveti have forms of vigotovlennya for DOPOMOGA 3D printer. This (for pam’yatnika great rosmu) in Ukraine TA, Mauger, th at in has not robili! Dwellers, priority processes, yaky mg sainati be called a few more years, talanovito sculptor Volodymyr Zhuravel had to VINITI Taku uncanny technology. That is, spochatku sculpture bogatirya for the image yakogo Posuwan Vasil Virastuk, vilperi, next vasanwala I for DOPOMOGA SPACELINE programs include had target 3D model. Dali – konu detail of the future pam’yatnika drukowanie 3D printer dwellers pagetofame formation for Lilianna Ll in Bronz. Today in learn, cipiti robot Muromachi bronzova-:))). And Vladimir Zhuravel have sahwat od, tvorcho-production processes. By the way, pamyatnik Buda is rather large, 11 meters Sawicki together with phorbol I grantner a pedestal. And, friends, I do not think scho Varto speicalise potreben us pamyatnik Muromtsu Chi hi. La Muromachi, which, for periasami, narodivsya pid Chergova, sloiv Prince Volodymyr, Aharonov Misto Kyiv I pochowany have Kiєvo-Pecherskiy lawr, – our Bogatyr TSE, TSE our history. The Yak today, unfortunately, namagayutsya we pasupati. The fact Muromachi seatime in CIV, there Trukhaniv island, where kolis rastushevyvaet Druzhina of Prince Volodymyr!

Posted Wtlm Klitschko Nedilya, on July 15 2018 R.

“That is, the first sculpture of the hero, the image which posed Vasyl Virastyuk, modeled, and then scanned using a special program created the 3D model. Further – every detail of the monument printed on a 3D printer to prepare forms for pouring Elijah in bronze. Today lithane hard at work, Murom bronzoviy,” said the city head.

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The height of the monument together with the slide and pedestal is 11 meters. He will stand in the territory of Trukhanov island.

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