Useful street apricots and cherries. The nutritionist told the terrible truth

Useful street apricots and cherries. The nutritionist told the terrible truth



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Fruit trees that grow along the roads there are dangerous substances.

In many Kiev courts don’t grow chestnuts and limes and fruit trees. However, as reported in the story “Sedanca z 1+1“, not all Ukrainians like to eat fruits harvested in the yard, because they are sure is dangerous.

Not advised to consume these fruits and nutritionist Alexander Kush. Supposedly, the berries and fruits that grow in urban yards and near roads accumulate a lot of hazardous substances that can cause poisoning.

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“The greatest number of harmful substances get definitely products that thin the skin. This, in the first place, such fruits as cherries, cherries. They accumulate the maximum number of these undesirable elements. Apricots, plums, peaches have a fairly tight skin and stable enough, but still, it does not guarantee absolute safety,” – said Kusch.

If you eat the fruit from the branch is not dying – it thoroughly wash.

“And even may not be limited to wash and soak in solution of warm water. Maybe with a little vinegar. In order to, first, remove the larvae of the parasite to the maximum amount of nitrate moved from the fruit into the surrounding water. Of course, not to eat unwashed fruit, green and have lots of it”, – added the expert.

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The tradition to plant fruit trees in cities for a long time. But planted in them the power of citizens, and for comfort in the cold season and shadow in the summer.


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Apples, pears, frozen berries, and walnuts… Ukraine over the past six months sold abroad only fruit production for $ 100 million. But now in Ukraine raging storm. The rain changed to heat. Therefore, berries and vegetables quickly spoil directly into the beds. We were able to communicate with grandparents who sell their own vegetables at natural markets. And also with the farmers who grow berries for export.

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