Near Kiev, do not missed the truck and bus

Near Kiev, do not missed the truck and bus



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The truck missed the bus on the corner.

Monday, August 6, near Kiev on the Zhitomir highway in the village of Chaika was a large-scale accident.

Mercedes truck has rammed a minibus “Rue” on the reverse.

Demolished 30 metres of the striker, writes

In the accident some people received injuries of varying severity.

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On-site work ambulance and patrol police.

Status of victims is specified.

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Recall that in Ukraine annually reduces the number of deaths in accidents on the roads. Over the last three years have decreased by a half thousand people: 2015 it was 5 thousand victims, in 2017 – 3,5 thousand.

VideoCAM to react to the news about the terrible accident – the advice of a psychiatrist Oleg Chaban

Terrible road accident “black” Friday, when on the roads of Ukraine has killed more than 20 people, a terrible accident on the Boulevard of Lesya Ukrainka, after which killed the child in front of his mother – all these developments give companies the shock, anxiety and fear. But we must continue to live. How to overcome these feelings and not to lose heart – talk doctor of medical Sciences, psychiatrist of the Kiev hospital on railway transport No. 1, Oleg Shepherd.

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