Company Manafort “helped” Poroshenko in 2014 – witness

Company Manafort “helped” Poroshenko in 2014 – witness

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Rick gates, who worked with the American political strategist, said about it in court under oath.

American consultant by Paul Manafort after the escape of President Viktor Yanukovych in 2014 worked for Petro Poroshenko, but for these services he was not paid in full. On Tuesday, August 7, said a former business partner, political consultant, Rick gates, speaking in court under oath.

He, in particular, reported that after Yanukovych’s escape payments Manufactu “significantly reduced”. While gates, as reported by NBC, said that the controversial political consultant continued to work in Ukraine.

DMP International, owned by Manafort and gates, advised the Opposition bloc in the parliamentary elections in October 2014. In addition, the same company, as reported by the witness, and helped [in the original “assisted” – ed.] of Petro Poroshenko in the same 2014.

Other details of this cooperation, gates said. The witness stated that the “help” DMP did not pay “in full”.

Earlier it was reported that in March 2014 the team of Paul Manafort, who before that worked for the President of the fugitive Viktor Yanukovychdiscussed the possibility of counselling the candidate with the initials “PP” and the newly created political party for presidential and parliamentary elections in Ukraine. This follows from the evidence of spectacular USA Robert Muller, prepared for the case of Manafort.

Press Secretary Poroshenko has not commented on Dnia this situation. Associate of Poroshenko, Yury stets said that the staff in 2014 with these people could only communicate with three people – it, Igor Grinev and Poroshenko himself. However, none of them with representatives of Manafort meeting and no proposals were received.

Later in the press service of the AP commented, “the Ukrainian truth” information about the offer of cooperation with Manufactum.

“The team of Petro Poroshenko never worked with either Paul Manafort or his people. Offers of cooperation received from others, however, were not even considered,” – said in the presidential Administration.


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